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Your Go-to Basement Excavation in Prince George

When you have a leak or a drainage problem that’s getting you down, contact Can You Dig It Contractors for basement excavation in Prince George and beyond! We have a wide range of equipment, including excavators and Bobcat®, to bring to any tough job. Sometimes, the basement leak can be fixed without a full exaction: there could simply be a crack in the foundation, requiring only the excavation of the immediate area around the crack. Whatever the case may be that is specific to your home, we promise to evaluate your drainage situation or your leaky basement and tailor our process accordingly. We offer reliable service that gets the job done on time. Can You Dig It also offers emergency service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you’re never stuck in a situation in your home.

Contact us today and fix the leak in your basement!

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